2023 Welcome Letter

Welcome Ladies to the 2023 Portage Ladies Golf Club

Celebrating 101 years with the Portage Golf Club

Ladies who purchase a membership to the Portage Golf Club (PGC) are entitled to enhance their membership by joining the Portage Ladies Golf Club (PLGC) for an additional $20.00. Please refer to the attached information sheet to see the extra benefits. The funds collected ($20.00) will cover the cost of prizes during the season. As well the PLGC assists with course and facility upgrades from time to time. There is no other fundraising.

Please check the PGC website for Ladies opening day and opening banquet. New members are always welcome. Feel free to email or call Karen (204 857 5760) with any questions

PLGC Executive for 2023 is:

President Karen McLeod      royal110@shaw.ca

Vice President –

Past President – Shirley Bodie

Secretary – Val Sissons

Treasurer – Dianne Cress

Sports Captains – Dorothy Funk, Gail Patterson

House Chair – Diane Wilson

The PLGC continues to extend an invitation to new golfers, who do not have a PGC membership, to join the PLGC for $20.00, plus applicable green fees to be paid to PGC. This applies to any female golfer who has not been a member of the PGC in the past 5 years. This is an offer for the 2023 season. This would make them eligible to participate in any or all of the PLGC activities.

Past senior aged members who are no longer PGC members (criteria- at least 70 years of age and 10 years of PLGC membership) are now able to pay the $20.00 PLGC membership fee, plus applicable green fees to PGC, to participate in Ladies League activities.

We encourage our current members to spread the word about these two unique opportunities to promote our club potentially bringing in some new members and honoring the contribution of past members.

Please be aware that some of these activities can change due to COVID

Do you want to receive more benefits from your PGC membership? Join the Ladies Club for an additional $20.00 and be entitled to participate in any or all of the following.

Birdie Tree

For every birdie you score pin a “birdie” on the tree posted in the Ladies locker room. At the end of the season all birdies go into a draw for a prize.

First Evers

The first time in your golfing career you score a “birdie”, an “eagle” a “hole in one” or break a 100, 90, or 80 enter your name on the poster in the locker. At season’s end you will be presented with a pin to commemorate your achievement.

Ringer Board

Keep track of the best score you get on each and every hole and as you better it throughout the season hand in the new, improved score for the hole via designated cards kept in the locker room. At the end of the season a prize is awarded in each of the 4 different handicap levels to the golfer with the lowest overall score.

Wednesday Games

Just show up to golf on Wednesday mornings. Tee times are already arranged for the LGC. Teams are drawn and unique and fun games are already organized. (One day you may only count even holes, the next week could be some other “twist” to the game. Prizes are awarded each week. There is an option to play 9 or 18 holes.

Nassau League

Nassau provides the opportunity for match play games. In match play you keep score simply by winning the hole, using the best combined team score. The handicap system is used. Teams are created using handicaps provided by the pro shop and teams are made up accordingly. This allows golfers to play with, or against, teams with similar total handicaps. At the end of the season prizes are awarded.


A few fun tournaments are organized throughout the season.

All of these special opportunities for members of the PLGC are organized for you in order to enhance your PGC membership. The cost to belong to the PLGC is only an additional $20.00. Don’t miss out on the fun!!

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